Product overview

PlantControl CX system overview

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PlantControl CX Wireless Irrigation Computer

Sensor-controlled, wireless irrigation computer
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PlantCare Mini-Logger

Soil moisture and soil temperature monitoring sensor.
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PlantCare PlantControl D Data Logger

Wireless reception and recording of soil moisture levels and soil temperature in the scientific sector, for agricultural applications as well as garden and landscaping construction.
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PlantCare Plantomat® PRO

Long-term watering system for single plant pots or for watering on balconies and terraces with optional 9V solenoid valve.
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PlantCare DataViewer Software

The PlantCare DataViewer software enables the optimal display and analysis of your data from different PlantCare products.
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PlantCare Communicator Software

For the graphical design of the irrigation system and configuration of PlantCare products.
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