Agriculture Case Studies

PlantControl CX Irrigation Controller

Smart and wireless sensor controlled irrigation of different berries and vegetables leading to higher yield and less plant diseases.

Various Fruit and Vegetable Farmers


Project goal
Increasing yield and quality of berries and vegetables and reducing pest infestation as well as farm labour costs.

PlantCare solution
Smart irrigation controllers PlantControl CX and PlantCare wireless sensors. The PlantControl CX allows to preset - for up to 32 different irrigation zones - a moisture threshold for irrigation start and a second threshold defining the targeted moisture level after irrigation end. The system automatically adjusts the water input, so that the moisture range is always kept within the same bandwidth without any human interference.

Client experience with PlantCare equipment
“Been working for the last 25 years in the agriculture irrigation business, I did not see a greater innovation from any of the big players than from PlantCare.
PlantCare's products and solutions deserve truly to be named as the most advanced smart irrigation systems on the global market. It is a quantum leap for our industry.”
Kurt Waldis, Owner/CEO, Agriculture Irrigation Company, Switzerland

“With the PlantControl CX we increased the yield on our berry crops like never before. In addition, our time consumption for operating and controlling our irrigation and fertilization system has been reduced by more than 90%. At the same time water as well as fertilizer consumption were reduced and the plants are much more resistant against pest and fungus.
The ability of the PlantControl CX to send us an alarm per SMS when a valve is defect or the water filter is blocked is another very valuable feature.”
Patrick Vollenweider, Berry Farmer, Switzerland

Berry Farm Vollenweider

Organic Farm Fischer

Farm Wyssa

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