PlantCare is a Swiss company in the field of smart irrigation, field monitoring and soil moisture sensors.

Renowned scientific institutes and agricultural companies as well as farmers rely on our technologies and award-winning products.

PlantControl CX

PlantControl CX is the world’s first self-learning irrigation computer that intelligently evaluates the measurements from up to 60 wireless-linked soil moisture sensors. It not only calculates the correct time to water but also the plants’ actual water requirements and automatically adjusts run times according to their growth stages and seasonal temperature fluctuations. 


Wireless reception and recording of soil moisture levels and soil temperature in the scientific sector, for agricultural applications as well as garden and landscaping construction. Data are stored on a cloud server and can be downloaded to laptops and cellular phones

Mini Logger

The PlantCare Mini-Logger is a maintenance-free sensor which records soil moisture and soil temperature. A USB stick is used to easily program the mini-logger and readout the data. The PlantCare DataViewer Software allows a quick and easy display and analysis of the measured data. Fields of application are scientific research, agriculture and garden and landscaping construction.