PlantCare Moisture-Sensor

PlantCare sensors provide reliable soil moisture measurement for the accurate determination of the optimal irrigation time and the optimal amount of water in vegetable, fruit and viticulture.

Demand-oriented irrigation is not only an essential prerequisite for secure yields in agriculture but also ensures economical use of the increasingly valuable resource of water. In addition, less water use also avoids the leaching of nutrients and pesticides, saves energy and makes the crops more robust to drought stress and disease.


PlantCare sensors accurately deliver the data you need and help you irrigate the right amount at the right time.


The robust and maintenance-free sensor, which is not affected by fertilizer content or soil temperature, has become a new standard in soil moisture measurement in recent years.


More than 260,000 sensors are already in use worldwide.


Greatly reduced water consumption

Optimized fertilizer application

Lower energy costs

Higher yields

Better quality

Less disease

Plantcare Bodenfeuchte Monitoring

PlantCare Monitoring IOT Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors are used for the wireless reception and recording of soil moisture and soil temperature in the scientific and agricultural sectors. The data is stored on a server and can be retrieved and displayed there by the owner.


Thanks to the unique communication concept of PlantCare AG, remote monitoring and remote control of the irrigation system is permanently guaranteed. The PlantCare DataViewer, a special evaluation software, also enables fast and optimal display and analysis of the irrigation data. Corrective measures can be carried out remotely without extensive on-site analyzes.


The time for irrigation is determined by the farmer according to various conditions and criteria. If it is summer and hot, it is watered in the early morning or in the evening. Did he sprayed the day before pesticides, so he may not irrigate the next 2-3 days. If there is a strong wind, the water would be blown away by the wind and therefore irrigation is forbidden. In addition, in many cases the water is managed by the authorities and regulations determine when and how much water may be drawn.

In order to support farmers without a fixed irrigation system, PlantCare has developed a monitoring system that helps the user to determine the right time to start irrigation and also provides an indication of the correct amount of water.

Plantcare  CX

For automatic irrigation of gardens and green areas using wireless soil moisture sensors.


The PlantControl CX is the world's first self-learning irrigation computer that intelligently evaluates the readings of up to 60 wirelessly connected soil moisture sensors and calculates not only the right time for irrigation but also the actual water requirements of the plants and the duration of irrigation according to the growth phases as well as the seasonal temperature changes. automatically readjusted.


PlantCare Mini Logger

The PlantCare Mini-Logger is a maintenance-free sensor that records soil moisture and soil temperature. The mini-logger can easily be programmed via a USB stick or the recorded measurement data can be read out. The supplied PlantCare DataViewer software allows the fast representation and analysis of the obtained data. The PlantCare Mini-Logger is used in the scientific and agricultural field as well as irrigation control in gardening and landscaping.